How Are Men from Mars and Women Are from Venus

The analogy and the rules of the universe hardly ever change despite the introduction of new technology and ways of life. Dogs will never have peace with cats in the same way that felines will always hunt for mice. When it comes to human species, there will always be a huge difference between men and women. In fact, their gap starts from the moment they are born.

Men Are Honest, Women Polite

If you give a boy and a girl a glass filled with half water, how would they describe it to you? The former would perhaps say that it’s a glass half-filled with water. The latter, on the other hand, will probably be more philosophical and sentimental, associating it more on how we tend to view our own lives.

The differences in opinion can come from the way both sexes are brought out. Traditionally, men are trained to be tougher and blunter with their approach. They have to be more honest with what they feel. In fact, parents want their men to answer back. Women, meanwhile, should keep their minds to themselves. Let’s not forget that girls are more inclined toward their emotion. They would rather be more polite and tell you what you want to hear because they don’t want to hurt other people’s feelings.

Men Are More Analytical, Women Creative

A research revealed that when it comes to physics and science, men will learn and understand the laws of motion at least two months before women do. This is because they would rather concentrate on mechanical motion over other things. It’s also the reasons why men tend to excel in engineering and mathematics.

Women, meanwhile, are more creative because they are more in touch with their emotions. Since they tend to be more reserved with their opinion, they would rather express whatever they feel through art such as poems, short stories, and paintings, to name a few. They can also easily relate to human interest.

Men Are Fathers, Women Mothers

Over the years, as there are more feminist movements around and the fight of gender equality increases, there are already a lot of fields that are populated by women. In act, there are some industries that used to be territories of men, and yet most of the higher positions are occupied by women.

But the concept of “men are providers and women are home makers” seems to never change over the years. Though there are countless women these days who want to assert their independence, when they get married, they still prefer to go home early to take care of their husband and children. They will still find ways to attend recitals, school meetings, and football games. Men will spend most of their time at the office, working hard for the family. They try their best to be the provider that they ought to be.

Despite their differences, though, they still need each other. After all, they complement each other’s behavior. Thus, even if men are from Mars and women are from Venus, they will still converge here on Earth to become one.

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