4 ways to The Killer Abs

Whether they admit it or not, most of you are hoping that they have the a sculpt physique. It’s definitely more than just looks and having to attract more people with a killer body. It’s all about confidence, and most men need a lot of it.

Unfortunately, you might not have a sculpt body, and by the rate things are going, it would be impossible to get that six-pack abs. Nevertheless, it’s never too late to make a change. Though the following tips may require a lot of time, patience, determination, and even few dollars, you are guaranteed that it’s not only abs you’ll get. You can also look forward to a healthier and more active lifestyle:

1. Start with a diet. Getting those abs doesn’t only mean that you have to do 50 or more crunches every day. You need to pair your exercise routines with a very healthy diet. The purpose of this is to lower your body fat percentage or the amount of fat that is stored in the muscles. Unless you will be able to reduce or completely eliminate it, no amount of exercise will do. The muscles will still remain hidden behind those layers of fat. There are certain kinds of food that you need to include in your diet. These include beans, lean meat, and whole grains. You should make sure that you can avoid those that only provide you with empty calories, including beer. You may also want to work with a dietitian, who can design the most ideal food plan for you.

2. Stock up on energy. Since the routines for getting those abs will never be that easy—in fact, they can be very rigorous—you need as much energy as you can. There are a number of ways on how to increase that. You can choose those snacks that are high in protein. There are protein bars and shakes. You can also gobble up on candies, since sugar can be converted to carbohydrate and then energy for your cells. You also need to keep yourself healthy at all times, so eat more on fruits and vegetables.

3. Maintain a good form. It’s not about the kinds of ab routines that you do but how you do them. Doing them very fast will only bring you to complete exhaustion at the start of the exercises. Moreover, you will only be injuring yourself by straining those muscles. You will also lose focus on the most important part of your body: your abdomen.

When you’re performing your abs exercises, make sure that you can do them as slow but controlled as possible. Allow your mind to focus on your abs alone, squeezing them at the right time. Ensure that your back is not arched, so more of your power is concentrated to your abs.

4. Challenge yourself. Sticking with the same routines will definitely bore you to death, and before you know it, you’re no longer interested with them. To prevent that, create variety. There are plenty of abs exercises that you can do, and you can combine or alternate them. You can also add resistance training to your routines, such as doing crunches with weights on your chest.

BARBEQUE VEGETABLES image by © Andrei Zdetovetchi | Dreamstime.com