How to Soften Up the Macho Image without Appearing a Wuss

Men are known to be tough—made of steel. But it doesn’t really mean that you there’s no such thing as gentleness and chivalry running through your veins. Softening up that rough image will not only get you plenty of girls—most female species are attracted to guys who are gentlemen—but you will also be proud of yourself. There are only a few of you left today.

1. Respect the girls. Women, whatever they do in life or how they are brought up, will and should always be given utmost respect. This means that you don’t look at her like a pin-up girl from one of your women’s magazines, you don’t ogle at her in bars, and you will instantly believe her if she says no to your advances. You also don’t jump into relationships that you can’t take seriously, even if she’s willing to go for it. It also means giving her the space that she needs, if you don’t want to end up being left behind. Don’t kiss and tell.

2. Be clean. You don’t have to be very vain or metrosexual just to prove this point. You won’t have to carry around kits filled with toners and men’s perfumes. It means dressing up simply. Get rid of anything flashy such as those low-waist pants, neon-colored shirts, and all those bling-blings. Unless you have intention of becoming an urban rapper someday, these are the things you don’t need. You just also need to be clean. Not only will it make you look good, but it also makes you feel refreshed and totally hygienic.

Now, there are also those that are called as “it’s a man’s thing.” So you may be sporting a beard or a long hair. You have the option to keep them, but make sure that your hair doesn’t appear so dry or cover your face. Your beard should not get in the way with your food and, if possible, trim them. This can also make your hair grow evenly.

3. Stop talking about yourself. Even your drinking buddies will get pissed off if you will always start your sentence with “I.” Make sure that you can leave room for others to share their interests. You will realize that there are still a lot of information you don’t know and activities that you have not done yet. An attentive listener can also easily attract women, as they love to be heard by their men. You can also keep your dates lively because you can ask questions as form of interaction.

4. Have a goal. A real man is someone who definitely knows what to do with his life. When he has goals, he is perceived as someone responsible, mature, and dependable. You don’t have to be in a marrying age before you start thinking about the future. After all, when you’re already old and all these nice things about being young are all but gone, what’s left is your pension that can keep you going in your retirement years.

LION image by © Emin Kuliyev | Dreamstime.com