5 Tips to live healthier with diabetes

Because of the kind of perception media wants us to believe about diabetes, a man who is diagnosed with one is like hearing a death knell ringing. Though your life will never be the same, it doesn’t mean that you can live your days idle. Yours can still continue and, in fact, even more meaningful.

Here are the different ways on how you can still maintain your health and life even if you have diabetes:

1. Talk to a nutritionist. Diabetes is often caused by irregularities in your insulin. It will also be triggered by the level of sugar in your body, mainly contributed by the food you eat. Thus, if you have this disorder, you should talk to a dietician. He can plan out meals for you, making sure that you don’t feel deprived but can still look forward to fewer diabetes attacks. You can also inform the professional of the food that you don’t and like to eat. You can also discuss about your ethnic and religious limitations.

2. Get rid of the weight. You can also bring down your sugar level if you move your body and remove those excess pounds. What’s more, you will feel more refreshed and invigorated after you’re done with your routines. You can talk to a trainer to talk about the kinds of exercise moves that you are most comfortable with. You can also start by jogging or walking briskly around your neighborhood. If you don’t like the feeling of being alone, you can ask a friend or family member to be with you or play some cool music in your iPod. Moreover, if exercise is not your thing, you can engage in a number of active sports, such as basketball, volleyball, water sports, and even karate.

3. Choose your food wisely. There are already countless types of food that you can cook for yourself. You can search for them in the World Wide Web, or you can purchase sugar-free or low-fat cookbooks. It would definitely be fun discovering new dishes that are specifically for your own. There are also different restaurants that are specially created for diabetics like you. Others have special dishes that you can order.

4. Be aware of your medications. If the doctor has given you prescriptions, make sure that you can take them at the required time and dosage. They are not given to you for nothing. There are a lot of diabetics who tried to ignore them and suffered the most dangerous consequences, including death. If you’re showing some side effects, make sure that you can inform your doctor about it so that they can offer you with something else.

5. Join diabetes organizations. There are a lot of organizations that you can join if you want to learn more about the disorder. One is the American Diabetes Association. It offers you updates on any breakthrough in the fields of technology and research. You can also meet new people who are also suffering the same thing as you.

RASPBERRY BOWL image by © Jackie Egginton | Dreamstime.com