Learn the Common Sex Mistakes with your Wife

There’s no such thing as perfect sex, but most definitely, both Mars and Venus can get what they want out of it if there are fewer mistakes.

There’s no such thing as perfect sex, but most definitely, both Mars and Venus can get what they want out of it if there are fewer mistakes. Since men are known to be the ultimate leaders when it comes to igniting passions during love making, they should make it a point to be very conscious of what they’re doing and get rid of the following:

1. Don’t think that only women need to lose that weight. Oftentimes women are pressured to lose the extra pounds for the sake of attractiveness. However, men should also make it a point to exert some effort on how they look. Don’t ever think that your partner will be more than pleased touching your belly fat or love handles unless she definitely prefers men like you. Sex becomes more enjoyable too when you are confident of your own skin.

2. You go directly down there. Unless you’re making love while on your way to the office or while your wife is busy preparing your dinner, there’s no need to hurry it up. It also means that you really don’t need to hit the south zone. Women appreciate it more if guys would caress her entire body. It also allows both parties to savor every moment and feel more fire.

3. You still do the things that she doesn’t want to. If your wife says she doesn’t want to be touched in the breasts, then don’t. Everyone has his or her own preferences on how he or she wants to be pleased. It’s very important that you can still maintain respect even when you’re already making love.

4. Foreplay is only in the bedroom. Just when you thought that foreplay can only be done behind closed doors, you’re completely wrong. You can do it at anytime of the day. You can whisper sweet nothing through her ears, bring her most favorite flowers or chocolates, or set up the most romantic candlelight dinner somewhere. It will surely increase her intimacy level that she will be looking forward to your passionate night like you do.

5. You are not talking. Sex can be a natural thing to some but definitely not for a lot of couples out there. If you don’t want your actions to be misinterpreted by your partner as something else, you should let her know what you want. Like men, women are not mind readers no matter how gifted they are with intuition.

6. You are too engrossed with pornography. Men usually have their own sexual fantasies, but to impose them to your partner is completely wrong. Keep in mind that women are not sexual objects; they needed to be handled with extra care, especially if you’re having sex. You can, however, talk things over. There are actually women who feel more at the moment if they are doing role-playing games.

Men should stop thinking sex as a means of passing time. Unless you’re ready to get respect, love, and affection from your partner, you better look for something else to do. Otherwise, you’re “get some” philosophy will get back at you.

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