5 steps to a better person when the baby comes

Fatherhood can be one of the most important and life-changing events in a man. Interestingly, there are a lot who will never stop gushing about their excitement or the possibility of seeing their own child in the next nine months or less. However, there are also partners who may be scared. Of course, a baby means a lot of responsibilities and less time for yourself and friends. There may be also times when you are in doubt if you can be a good father someday.

If you find yourself scared, apprehensive, and depressed, don’t fret. There are a lot of things that you can do to prepare yourself in becoming a good father:

1. Be with your wife all throughout the pregnancy. Of course, you won’t be carrying the baby for nine months, but you can share with her physical and emotional burden and pain. When you become more involved in her pregnancy, you will learn to anticipate of your baby’s birth. There are several ways on how you can offer support to your partner. You can driver her to the hospital, massage her feet when it feels hurt, prepare her meals or do household chores so she doesn’t have to move around, and, most of all, make her smile at all times.

2. Stop your vices. If you are a habitual drinker or, worse, smoker, it’s high time that you stop it now. Babies still have very weak immune system, and they can easily develop complications. Though getting rid of them may take a while, you do have nine months to do that.

3. Read a lot of parenting books. Fortunately, you will never run out of references when it comes to proper parenting. Today, there are a lot of books that you can read anytime you like. You can bring them anywhere you go. These materials are written by psychological experts and those who have been parents for a very long time. You can share these with your partner, so both of you can learn.

4. Plan ahead. If you are scared of the obligations that lie ahead, you may want to start preparing now. For example, if you are apprehensive of your future finances, you can look for a better job opportunity, start your own business, work for more hours, or ask for promotion. If you are not stable emotionally, you can attend parenting classes, join groups for fathers, or talk to a professional.

5. Talk it over with your wife. Remember that you are not alone. You may not know that your wife is also scared of the time when the baby comes out. However, together, you can give each other support.

There are no definite ways on how to become a father. The most essential thing is that you can you can give the best love and care to your child that he or she grows up to be the kind of person you want him or her to be. And, just for the record, a lot of those who are in doubt nine months ago are having the best time of their lives now.

Image by © Rhphotos | Dreamstime.com