2 Tips to Prevent an Embarrassing Athlete’s Foot

The term “athlete’s foot” seems to be a misnomer, as it’s not only the athletes that acquire it. But however what the word means, one thing is for sure: it can be very embarrassing.

Even before humans started to wear shoes, there were already a lot who suffered from athlete’s foot. Yet since there were not enough technologies and medical know-how, no one can really define what it was. Today, we learn that this is actually a fungal infection that a person can acquire is his feet spend a lot of time in an environment that is moist, dark, or warm. This also happens when you’re wearing shoes that don’t have proper ventilation or when the socks don’t have anti-microbial properties. Moreover, if you go to areas where these fungi linger, there’s a huge chance that you will get athlete’s foot.

Men and Athlete’s Foot

Men are more susceptible to athlete’s foot than women because the former perspire more. What’s more, they are very active, and they do seldom remove their shoes when they’re playing sports or engaged in strenuous activities.

Athlete’s foot is hard to miss. First, you will definitely see the blisters and flaking skin in between the toes of the sufferer. The soles of the feet will also be very red. When the condition becomes severe, the toe webs can turn to white and become very soft. Worse, athlete’s foot is accompanied by not only pain but also a very foul odor.

The Best Treatments for Athlete’s Foot

The good thing about athlete’s foot is very easy to treat. In fact, you really don’t have to consult your doctor a lot of times, and all you need to do is to buy the antifungal ointment that will be suggested. It can be applied topically. If the problem is worse than expected, you can make use of oral medications, which function as similar as creams but stronger. You just need to be very aware of the side effects, however. Some may suffer from rashes, while others will experience an abnormal liver function. If the complications still persist after few days, make sure that you can approach your physician immediately. This way, you will be given with a more appropriate medication.

Prevention of Athlete’s Foot

As they say, prevention will always be better than cure. Before you allow yourself to suffer athlete’s foot or make it come back—it’s widely known to be a recurring illness—you should follow these tips:

1. Ensure that the socks have anti-microbial properties. Since your feet perspire and there’s no way that they can breathe while you’re wearing your socks, pick those that possess anti-microbial characteristics. They kill the bacteria before they can even multiply. You may also want to choose socks that are made of cotton since they allow your feet to breathe more.

2. Use slippers when walking. Since the fungi can immediately move into your feet when you go barefoot, always have something to wear especially when you’re in public places such as swimming pools. Also, use those that are water-proof to prevent your feet from getting exposed in a moist environment.

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