Ideas to Renew your Marriage

So what if you’re already married? Marriage doesn’t necessarily mean that you stop being passionate, affectionate, and loving. In fact, you should expect yourself to give more of them, since you have a lifetime ahead of you. Going through the same routines every day can definitely bring in boredom in the relationship.

You may be together for so long, though, that you have already used up every possible date idea. You have brought her to the best hotels or took the best vacation in a tropical island. Don’t worry, though, as you’ve got here everything you need. Here are 7 of the best places to go to for a date with your wife:

1. Set up a dinner in the backyard. If you can cook grilled burgers for your friends and other family members, surely, you can prepare a delicious steak for your wife. The backyard is an underused part of the house. You can decorate it to invite a romantic atmosphere. Low lights will always do the trick. If you have children, you can even make it a father-to-daughter or son affair. What’s more, you don’t get to spend a lot.

2. Try the bedroom. Not a lot of couples know that the bedroom is one of the best places to have a date. It’s very private, so you can really have the time all by yourselves. There’s fewer mess to take care of, and it will not take a long time for you to come up with a good dating scenario. You can even start your date early in the morning. Besides, waking her up for her breakfast in bed, you can also try to communicate with her, asking about her plans for the rest of the day. There are only a number of husbands who really want to know how their wives are doing while they are far away and at work.

3. Go to the park. The park is a very beautiful place to be in. It has a sense of calmness and makes you feel relaxed, two things that both of you may need when you’re working for most parts of the week or when you already have screaming children back home. You can just bring along a picnic basket and a mat, and both of you are already good to go.

4. Start from the beginning. Can you remember the first time you went out on a date? Probably time has allowed you to completely forget how she looked like then or even how you felt the moment you saw her. Going back to the beginning is definitely a good way of remembering what made you fall in love and stay with her for a long time.

Image by © Mval | Dreamstime.com