How to Be Safe When in the Gym

There are different ways on how to achieve your most desired body in the world, and one of these is hitting the gym. In fact, this activity has become so common that you can definitely see these studios in almost every corner. You will also find their membership list growing every year.

Ironically, though, accidents can happen in gyms. Thus, even if your main point is to keep yourself healthy, you may just find yourself in the hospital or at home in extreme pain. Worse, there are others who would suffer from permanent disability or eventually die.

You can be safe in the gym if you can just learn to take note of these tips:

1. Get a note from a doctor. It’s very important that you can visit your doctor before you enroll in a gym. It will not only give them an idea what exercises will be ideal for you, but most of them will require you to have a medical certificate. Not all exercises will be good for you. For example, if you’re suffering from a heart ailment, you cannot choose those that are so strenuous, causing you to feel very tired and your heart to pump harder.

2. Warm up and cool down. A lot of gym enthusiasts are so eager or desperate to start that they start lifting weights even before they do their stretches and other warm-up exercises. In the end, they will suffer from extreme muscle pain. Moreover, when you don’t do warm-up routines, there’s a possibility that you will have some of your muscles strained with sudden pull. When you’re done with your weight or power training, you then have to cool down to relax those muscles and bring back your heart rate to normal.

3. Make sure that there are instructors around. The gym you’re going to choose must have professionals who can be with you as you perform your routines. This way, you have someone to ask if you aren’t sure if you’re doing the right thing. They are also the best persons to talk to if you want to know how some of the equipment function.

4. Increase your repetitions gradually. Your body can only do so much. There will come a point that it will feel exhaustion simply because it has reached its limit. If you want to push further, you have to be very slow about it. You can increase your repetitions or sets every time you visit the gym. For instance, you can target 20 sets of push-ups today and just go for 25 the next day. This will also give your muscles an opportunity to get used to the exercises.

5. Watch out. You may be a responsible member, but others are not. If you don’t watch your step or inspect the equipment before you use it, you may meet an accident. It’s also essential that the gym will always be neat and clean. You will know it by merely observing the environment or knowing their rules and regulations for their members.

Image by © Milogu | Dreamstime.com