5 Highly Effective Ways to End Smoking Once and for All

Smoking is a habit that’s very hard to kill, just like all bad habits are. There have been a lot of stories of people wanting and trying to quit, only to come back later on because the habit has been so deeply ingrained that it’s hard to let it go. The problem is, smoking should be gotten rid of before it’s too late. Nicotine can have several negative effects in the body, the most extreme of which include lung cancer among others.

Smoking is bad for those around you as well. It is a fact that second hand smoke is more potent and more dangerous than actual inhaled smoke from cigarettes. Thus, by smoking you are putting those around you at risk for lung cancer.

No matter how difficult it is, it is not impossible. There are a number of success stories everywhere, which proves that anyone can quit smoking if they just put their heart into it. What could be behind these success stories? The answer is simply dedication and a steadfast persistence to resist and eventually overcome the smoking habit once and for all.

Here are a few ways that one can get rid of the smoking habit:

1. Decide to quit. The first step in quitting is to decide to quit. Make a definite decision, and start from there. You should be steadfast in your decision to quit. Once you say, you want to quit, put it into your mind that you are quitting once and for all.

2. Look at the negative aspects of smoking. In life, we are taught to look at the positives more than the negatives. That is called optimism, which helps us live life better and discourages depression. However, optimism is not always applicable. In order to quit smoking, research and keep into mind always the negative effects of smoking in your life. Keep telling yourself that you don’t want these to affect your or your family. This will condition your mind to becoming averse to smoking and not be addicted to it like you are now.

3. Develop a new hobby. Cigarette smoking usually has its roots in boredom, or peer pressure. It is totally naturally for a smoker to go for a stick during times that they do nothing, like during break times at work or when they are just sitting around doing nothing. People would even claim that smoking reduces their stress. To counter this, find a new hobby that you can do in your spare times to keep your mind off smoking.

4. Gradual withdrawal is the key. Most people tend to think that stopping altogether at once can help, but it actually worsens your problem. The body is now so used to nicotine that suddenly depriving yourself of it can cause problems like stress. The key is to gradually lessen your cigarette consumption everyday, or every other day.

5. Get rid of all smoking paraphernalia at your house. Just like trying to forget about a failed relationship, get rid of all things that can remind you to smoke. Throw away your lighters, spare cigarettes and give away the ash trays.

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