Most Dangerous Diseases

In modern times, it has been possible to keep track and find out which diseases are the most dangerous. There are diseases that have the highest numbers of death toll rates, especially among men. As a man, it is imperative that you find out about the top diseases that are killing men all over the world, so you can decide how you can avoid them.

Here are some of the top diseases that men all over the world succumb to. As you could see, all of these diseases are mostly caused by the lifestyle of the people that are afflicted with them. It goes without saying that, to avoid getting these diseases, we should look back and think about how we’re living our lives.


Acute immune deficiency syndrome has earned its place as one of the top men killers in the world. In 2007 alone, AIDS has killed over 2.1 million people both men and women. There are 330,000 children in that number as well. AIDS is caused by the human immunodeficiency virus. Although HIV can be transmitted from a mother to her unborn child, the majority of transmission of this disease is through sexual contact. Promiscuous men all over the world are victims and carriers of this virus, which ultimately develops into the deadly AIDS disease.

In AIDS, a person’s immune system is slowly deteriorating until ultimately the body fails to defend itself against foreign infectious objects that enter the body. It could be said that the person with AIDS dies not from the disease, but from the complications that arise from it. These complications otherwise would not find its way into a person’s body with the immune system intact in its place.

Heart Disease

Heart disease is yet another common cause of men dying all over the place. Heart disease arises from an unhealthy diet, such as diets with overly high amounts of calories that ultimately becomes fat that slowly blocks the arterial walls. These blocked arterial walls lead to high blood pressure and, ultimately, heart attacks and diseases. It holds the number 1 position in the 2003 data of The Center for Disease Control and Prevention.


Diabetes is yet another disease that has claimed a lot of male lives all over the world. Diabetes is caused by several factors, including environmental and hereditary. However, lifestyle is also another factor that can lead to the development of diabetes in a man. Poor diet, excessive vice can lead a man to contract diabetes and, if not treated right away, dying from the disease.

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Although holding only the no. 8 position in the CDCP’s ranking, suicide is still a serious concern that takes men’s lives. Young men are especially at risk for this death factor; young men with low self-esteem and depression are likely to commit suicide than their emotionally healthy peers. Older men can succumb and commit suicide for the same reasons: problems with work, family and many others can drive a man to decide that it’s too much and ultimately kill their own selves to end their misery.

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