3 Nice Places to Visit with Your Family

Out with the old and in with the new. The year 2008 was plagued with so many things, most notably the global economic crisis that definitely hit plenty of pockets and bank accounts. There are fathers who lost their jobs, and there are families who are cutting back on their expenses. Before we know it, no one is thinking about going into a vacation anymore.

A family needs to breathe at least once every year. There are some great places that are not only cheap but also excellent educational materials for your children. In 2009, you may want to include the following places in your itinerary:

Mexico. This is one country that is not only famous for its white-sand beaches, but also for its very rich history and culture. This is where one of the oldest civilizations started, the Mayas. There are also countless historical plazas and churches. You can bring your entire family to Los Arcos, where you can go snorkeling, scuba diving, and sailing. You can visit Los Arcos Marine Park, where you will not only be toured among the mangroves and lakes, but you will also partake in breakfast and snacks. You can also rent some equipment. You can also bring the entire family to Talum, where you can see plenty of pyramids, palaces, and ball courts.

Seattle, USA. You also do not have to go very far if you are looking for an excellent activity for the kids. You can take a flight or travel through land to Seattle, USA. You have Cedar River Watershed, which is a public park and provides most of the drinking water in the city. You can walk to Rattlesnake Lake, where you can find the Education Center. It acts as a mini-museum. You can find a wide variety of maps, field guides for the wild flowers, and equipment that you are going to use for getting water samples.

You can also pack your bags and bring the entire family for a camping escapade. At Seattle, you will find Camp Long, which is one of the most well-equipped camping facilities in the city. Thus, you are assured of your family’s safety all throughout your stay. There are also different types of programs that you can sign up on. You can also download their brochures, so you can plan ahead.

Croatia. Croatia offers an active adventure activity for the entire family in a span of 8 days. You can stay at a pension house that is run by a family. You, your wife, and kids can look forward to several water activities, such as rafting, canyoning, and kayaking, to name a few. There will also be special programs that are meant for the kids or adults alone. However, there are only limited slots. You may want to book as early as possible.

There are also budget accommodation and discounts that you can avail for your transportation costs. All it needs is careful planning. Make the calls and reservations even before you decide to leave.

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