How to Create a Great and Converting Landing Page

If your landing page is not providing you the conversion rate that you hoped for there is hope. Your landing page can be your link to your core audience. Your core audience needs to be told exactly what it is that you have to bring to the table. You know that your company is great. You need to use your landing page to let the rest of the world know.

Generating a revenue on pay per click landing pages is simple. You just need to utilise the tools that you have so that you can enjoy the highest return on investment. There are a few suggestions that you can consider before you go crazy with your next Ad Words campaign. Attracting the attention of your audience can be simple if you are interacting and engaging them in the correct ways.

Ideas to Help Breathe New Life into Your Pay per Click Landing Page

  • Pre Populate Your Cursor – One of the first things that you should do to help increase the conversion rate of your landing page is to pre populate your cursor. If your landing page has any type of form for visitors to fill out you should pre populate your cursor so that it directly is in these open fields. This may sound like a ridiculous idea, but you would not believe how well it works.
  • Eye Contact – When visitors see a landing page for the first time they tend to look at what they are directed to look at.  Guide your visitors to view the most important information and text on your page by using images on your screen to call to action specific information on your landing page.
  • Use Testimonials to Your Advantage – Testimonials can be a great way to provide insightful information about your company on your landing page. Testimonials can be used to build trust between your target audience and your brand.
  • Point of Action Assurances – Point of action assurances can ensure consumers that your brand and landing page are safe. Putting point of action assurances near your landing page’s buttons can be a great way to increase trust and loyalty. Point of action assurances can also be used to create a higher conversion rate.
  • Put Some Punch in Your Headlines – Your headlines need to have intent. Make sure that your headlines are creative and informative. Add a keyword and you have the perfect recipe for a pay per click program. Connect with consumers while reaping search engine optimisation benefits for the highest conversion rate.

There are many benefits to using these tactics when trying to boost your conversion rate on your landing page. Your landing page is everything. You need to boost the areas in which you are lacking while still maintaining the same quality in the areas that you strive. A snazzy designer can help give you exactly what you are looking for concerning your landing page if you are running low on creative ideas. Increase your conversion rate with a few simple improvements that are cost effective as well.

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