How Can I Fix My Landing Page Conversion Rate?

If you are looking to increase your conversion rate of a landing page you needs to measure the progress of the landing page on a scorecard where you can easily tally the strengths and weaknesses. This can easily be accomplished with a yes and no answer system. Turn your negative answers into a to do list for your landing page. You can easily spot your strengths and weaknesses using automatic scoring systems that let you know if your landing page is performing to the best of its ability. Increasing your landing page conversion rate can be simple if you follow the right steps.

Using a different landing page for your source can allow you to specifically cater to the traffic that is visiting your page. You can use a different style with each landing page that all have the same main focus. You are the best. You should also run a A/B test on your landing page. Printing out the ads that you plan to use can also be helpful when designing your landing page. The message on your landing page should be relevant to your brand, but in an easy and marketable kind of way.

Did you know that you can incorporate the use of video on your landing page to increase your conversion rate and engage with your consumers? Use video to demonstrate the effectiveness of your goods or services to help you engage with your target audience. Utilise the power of video to highlight your company in a flattering light.

You should also incorporate the use of directional cues on your landing page to help point your traffic in the direction that you want them to focus on. Directional cues can be things such as colours, graphical arrows, and images. People tend to look at what other people are looking at. You can utilise this to help your landing page achieve the online success that you crave.

Generating leads is about what needs to be done to gain access to the prize. Generating leads with your landing page needs to be simple, professional, and helpful to your target audience. Your conversion rate could be increased by simply giving your audience what they want without making them do a whole lot to get it.

The content of your landing page is also important. Make sure that it is short, sweet, and to the point. You should also incorporate the use of social media tools on your landing page so that the content of your landing page is easy to share. Add testimonials to your page to give your landing page an edge, but make sure that you do not add a large mix of content and information on your landing page. Keep your landing page centred around one main idea, theme, or point. Be sure to add the ability to follow your landing page or company with social media tools such as Facebook or Twitter. Allow visitors to bookmark your page and easily share it with others.

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