Sites of The Week #1

A showcase of the top website design and web applications of the week.

This is our first Sites of The Week post, we will help you all great designers and developers out there to show off your great products, we would love to hear from you and show us your great designs or web applications.

You can send me your suggestions via Twitter or, and include #fs in the tweet.

Democracy by numbers is an interactive infographic made for with Dataeyes. The main idea is to take the pulse of democracy in 7 countries (US, Russia, Greece, Tunisia, Maroco, India and Turkey), based on their history of government and social issues. By using Raphael.js, we give the possibility to the users to play with the numbers or to compare differents data.

Flumes aims to change the way you interact with social media, listening, organising and connecting you with the important conversations, encouraging you to join in & take action. Detecting trends, keyword tracking, spam filters and analysis is automatic and in real-time. This provides a snapshot of any social media conversation including the best links, images, videos & tweets on any topic and analytics around volume, sentiment and demographics.

MyEnergy is a leading energy software company founded in 2007. Based in Boston, MA and privately held, MyEnergy has developed patent-pending technology that enables us to retrieve utility data on behalf of virtually any household in America. Utilizing that technology, we’ve built, the richest residential energy efficiency platform available today.

Quote Roller was created in 2011 to solve a critical business issue – delivering beautiful purpose driven sales quotes to potential clients. It is no longer 1995 where quotes are text documents faxed to a potential client. The world has evolved, and it is time that proposals were elegant, dynamically driven, and efficiently produced.

My name is Robby Leonardi, and I am a multidisciplinary designer based in New York City. I do illustration, graphic design, animation, and front-end development. I have tons of design experience, especially in entertainment industry. Most of my projects are from major media companies, such as Fox, Speed TV, FX Networks, myNetworkTV, and G4.

Yumterest – the simplest way to discover and share all things Yummy. is a place to discover and share yummy recipes, yummy food, yummy places and more.

You can send me your suggestions via Twitter or, and include #fs in the tweet.