How to rename and hide files through terminal?

Here is a quick and easy way to hide or rename your files on the fly through terminal, there are few softwares for that but sometimes terminal is launched and there so it would be quicker, OK so here it goes …

First if you want to hide a file or a folder you can use the following command in our terminal

if you want to unhide this file or folder again you can use the following command

what if you decided to hide a file and you wanted to view that while being hidden? well you can use the following command

there is also a way to open a group of files with the same extension in case you made multiple files hidden you can use this command

you can rename files in terminal using the mv command like so

in the above command we changed the file name from fileName_01.jpg to fileName_02.jpg

if you know a tip or trick on terminal usage please leave us a comment below.