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What is a Landing Page and Why Should I Care?

Did you ever wonder what is a landing page? and do i really need it?

A lot of time my clients ask me “what is a landing page? and do i really need it?
well the short answer version is YES AND YES, now here is some details on why. Landing page is the page on your website where you direct certain traffic to do an action, It is usually used to direct traffic from Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns, Facebook Ads, Twitter Sponsored tweets or even a simple banner on another website, this helps you measure and know a lot about your visitors.

The duties of a landing page:
1) A landing page must have a product or information to grab your visitor’s attention and do it really quick.
2) It has to perform a sales process.
3) It will be viewed by a lot of people and some of those visitors will not know what are you talking about so you have to be really clear and to the point.

These are the common uses of any landing page:
1) Getting your visitors to click.
2) Getting your visitors to buy.
3) Getting your visitors to subscribe.

Now that you have a brief explanation about landing pages we can discuss why do you need it? Directing visitors to your homepage simply doesn’t mean anything to our user and it might not be the reason they clicked on your banner, you might be advertising about coffee and you sell some other products with the coffee so when the user visits your home page they simple get confused or frustrated, they clicked the coffee advertisement for a reason which is to read about coffee or to buy your coffee products, this is where the landing page comes to the rescue, it briefly tells your consumer what they need to know and it will have a call to action button; in our case it will be buying the coffee.

Tracking your landing page
When it comes to tracking and measuring your conversion rate landing pages are the simplest and easiest (somehow) way to do so. since the landing page visitors are directed traffic you can measure where about do they click the most, how long do they stay on your page and simply what is your conversion rate, there are a lot of tools to measure all those stuff and the most popular option would be google analytics but i don’t want to dig into analysis in this post as we are only briefing about landing pages.

In summary combining high quality content with good linking and call to action button you can leverage the power of landing pages.

If you are a beginner you might want to experiment with low cost landing pages once you are ready you can hire a company to design a customised landing page for your company.