Creates dynamic bits of HTML

We all know that HTML on its own can sometimes be dull and boring, so our friend Jordan Scales created a neat way to generate some dynamic HTML content in the middle of your normal content. You can change your text easily by just adding few lines in your.

It’s very easy to use dynamo in your website, First you need to know that dynamo.js takes any text you select and allows you add some variation to it, then it gives it that great effect of changing words or even letters.

as an example you might want to change some parts of the bellow sentence to make pop from the rest of your content.

so we need to wrap the changeable text into a span with class dynamo like so

and activate it like so

although it should be activated automatically but you can use .dynamo() on any target.

to know more about this great project please visit http://jordanscales.com/dynamo/