11 Great Tools For Every Web Developer & Designer

We’ve gathered around some great tools every web developer and web designer should have, if you didn’t know about these tools yet then go have a check and let us know what do you think. If you have more tools that we do not know about please drop us a line so that we can share them with everyone.

WordPress Theme Generator

Wordpress Theme Generator
This is an online generator that helps you create your own custom WordPress Theme without any need of knowing any programming language. It’s pretty basic though yet great tool for all WordPress beginners out there.

The 1Kb CSS Grid

1kb css grid
CSS frameworks are always handy to use, it saves time and effort, Most CSS frameworks do everything—grid based system, style reset, basic typography, form styles. and other systems are just complex to use, If you are looking for a simple, lightweight approach that doesn’t require a genius to figure out? then give The 1KB CSS Grid a try.

Coding the Tweet

Coding the Wheel
Coding the Tweet is a nifty tool that helps you build your own custom branded twitter application.


Adobe kuler
kuler helps you explore, create and share colour themes.


ajax load info
ajaxload.info helps you create your own ajax loader icon.

DeGraeve: Color Palette Generator

Colour Palette Generator
It helps you build your own colour themes based on a url of an image, this is a great tool that will inspire your design colours from nature.


Rounded Cornr
This tool will let you generate HTML/CSS code and images for rounded corners.


The Host Home
TheHostHome Helps you find available domains & domain name Generator, once you type the domain you are looking for it gives you the results for that name and variations you might also consider.


Page column
In Pagecolumn you will find various tools that will help you out in your design.


css type set
This is a nice tool that helps you test out your typography setting before you embed them in your css file.

Stripe Generator

stripe generator
This handy tool is great in creating textures and patterns, just give it a go and play around with it, its fun and easy.