12 Great Photoshop Actions You Should Have

Everyone likes photoshop actions and most of use even use them on daily basis in our work to achieve the results we need, so i’ve gathered some of the photoshop actions that i use sometimes in my photo editing and thought to share them with our loyal fans 🙂 so here are some of the great collection of photoshop actions out there …

Framing actions – 4 – Filtered

by ~chain
This Photoshop actions helps you add an inner frame to your image. Everything is done in layers and with smart filters so it is quick and clean.

Pencil Draw Photoshop Action

by ~bati1975
This photoshop action is clear from its name it will help you convert your image into a pencil drawn photo.

Clouds Effects 3.5

by sa-cool
This photoshop action will give you a cloud effect and a darker environment.

3D Wall Generator Action

by ~ArtoriusGothicus
3D Wall Generator Action
This photoshop action will help you create a 3D walls from your images.

InfraRed Photography Action

by =comicidiot
Cotton Candy infra red photoshop action
This photoshop action helps you achieve the infrared photo look that you were looking for.

Soft Colors Action

by ~ysndkn
photoshop action soft colour
This photoshop action gives your image soft and calm colouring.

Photoshop Fog Action

by ~ysndkn
Photoshop Fog Action
This photoshop action adds some fog to your images, sometimes its nice to add the fog effect.

Photoshop marshmallow actions

by *lieveheersbeestje
Photoshop marshmallow actions

Photo Effect Action Set

by designtnt
photoshop action set
Great set of photoshop action set that will help you achieve a better image.

Photoshop blossom actions

by *lieveheersbeestje
8 photoshop actions that will help you make your images better.

Photoshop actions sunlight and sundown

by *lieveheersbeestje
Great sunlight and sundown photoshop actions collection.

Darker effect 5.3

by `sa-cool
darker_effect photoshop action
This photoshop action will add some great dark effect colours to your images.