How do I increase energy Cityville?

How do I increase maximum amount or energy I can have in Cityville you ask?
Are you playing Cityville & want to know if you can have more energy at a time?
Is there anyway to increase the maximum amount of energy?

Your maximum energy is determined by what level you are. You gain 1 additional energy each level.

You can still go “over” your limit if you consumed a bunch of energy gifts that your friends/neighbors give you.

When you go over your limit your energy bar changes its colour and turn turn green (it was green the time i was playing) indicating that you are temporarily over your limit.

You can gain more energy by visiting neighbours every 24 hours and doing job tasks, try and get more neighbours if you can.

Take advantage of the Pumpkin Collection, which gives 3xp points & 3 energy points every time it is completed.

Build few storage buildings, then plant loads of Pumpkin crops, wait till they are ripe and harvest them collecting all the special icons that pop out. Spend a few days planting and harvesting Pumpkin crops and you should complete the Pumpkin Collection few times.

Send your neighbours energy gifts in the FREE gifts section everyday, this will increase the chance of you receiving the energy gifts back from them.

if anyone have more tips that can help please leave a comment below …