How to sort my bookmarks alphabetically in Safari?

i was trying to organise my bookmarks in Safari alphabetically but didn’t find that option, is it there somewhere? if not then is there another way to do so?

Here is my answer

While Safari browser gives you a variety of options, it lacks one very useful option which is sorting your bookmarks alphabetically with a push of a button.

You can however workaround it.

1) open your bookmarks from “Bookmarks” then select “Show all bookmarks”.

2) create a new folder in your bookmarks called “All bookmarks”.

3) Drag and drop all your bookmarks in that folder.

4) drag and drop “All bookmarks” on your desktop

5) open the folder on your desktop and make sure its sorted alphabetically, if its not sorted then you can do so while the “All bookmarks” folder is open
“view” –> “show view options” then arrange by name.

6) after everything is done, you need to drop back the folder from your desktop to your bookmarks, by simply drag and drop, if you couldnt drag and drop directly then you will need to create a new folder inside the bookmarks call it any name then drop the new one inside it, when you are done doing that it should be then organised.

Hope it helps.

You should bear in mind that you can use this trick to sort your bookmarks only alphabetically. If you select any other sorting criteria in the Finder, your bookmarks will not be displayed in that order in Safari.