How to Remove “Notes” From Apple Mail?

A lot of times people send me questions asking “How can i Remove “Notes” From Apple Mail Inbox, My notes are mixed up with my emails so its kind of annoying”

Well here is my answer:

1) Open the “Mail” application.

2) Open “Preferences” from the upper left corner of your screen, if you clicked on “Mail” you will find it under its drop down menu.

3) Click one “Accounts” it should be the second tab

4) Select the name of your mail account from the left side of the window. The screen will now display detailed information on the right. There is tab labeled ” Mailbox Behavior”. Select it by clicking on it once.

5) You will find “Notes” under the “Mailbox Behaviors” tab, beside it there is a check mark, deselected it.

6) To save your new settings you can either select a new mail account if you have setup more than one mailbox in your “Mail” OR just close the window and it will prompt you to save.

hope it help!