How to stop hair Static!!!!

Ok so my wife wanted to have a say on this blog so here are some girly stuff away from coding and programming …

My hair use to be constantly static!
so here are the tips i found that worked instantly.

If your out and about apply a small amount of hand cream and run it through the ends of your hair (please avoid the roots, it’ll look greasy).

Another trick is dryer sheets. rub the dryer sheet through strands of your hair from root to tip until the static was gone (only takes a few minutes).

Static hair normally means you need moisture in your hair. so weekly deep conditioning treatments prevent static hair altogether 🙂

post your tip if you have one, or post bunch which ever you feel like.

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© Caraman | Dreamstime.com
© Caraman | Dreamstime.com
© Caraman | Dreamstime.com